Virtualbox (rc = 1908)

Hey there!

Well known problem and issue on "Virtualbox“, notice that „Kernel drive not installed (rc = 1908).

I've searched info in a lof forums, but specifically for garuda linux — nothining.

IDK from where i should to dig.

Maybe one of you have a quick solution for this?

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Not supported, sorry.
"Our distro is optimized for performance on real hardware. Installing in virtual machines is not recommended as it might result in a bad experience! (e.g. setup assistant not working)"


Did i got you in the right way that „Virtualbox“ isn't supported for Garuda Linux users?

Thank you.

How did you install Virtualbox (which packages, specifically, did you install)?

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From community in fish console.

Virtualbox 6.1.32-2,

Virtualbox-guest-iso 6.1.32-1,

Virtualbox-host-modules-arch 6.1.32-11,

Virtualbox-sdk 6.1.32-2,

And several packages are orphaned.

Virtualbox-host-dkms are in conflict with Virtualbox-host-modules-arch.

Is virtualbox-meta installed?
My suggestion would be to uninstall anything virtualbox related and install virtualbox-meta.


This one isn't needed.

This is the driver module for the linux kernel. Remove it and install

instead (along with the headers for whichever kernels you have installed).

There is also lots of information available on the Arch wiki: VirtualBox - ArchWiki


You need Virtualbox-host-dkms

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virtualbox-meta from chaotic-AUR is our official package, which will bring in as dependency Virtualbox-host-dkms (and a few other packages, ok, ok, a bit bloated maybe :-)) but also the configuration for the kernel modules, which often create troubles if missing.


and if you wish to do it at the command line, this is what i did and it worked for me:

sudo pacman -S linux-headers

sudo pacman -S virtualbox virtualbox-guest-iso (choose dkms option when prompted)

sudo modprobe vboxdrv

sudo gpasswd -a username vboxusers (sub “username” for your login name)

yay -S virtualbox-ext-oracle

that's it, works for me with zen kernel. :slight_smile:


Hi there!

Virtualbox-meta was the solution, and another packages don't needed to unistall.

Virtualbox better than VMware-workstation, definitely.

Thank you all for helping!

Best wishes!


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