Very impressive. My respect

Hi! I'm Mushroom Mike a Linux Gamer who likes to customize and experiment with his d.e. I've really only started experimenting with linux since 2012. My first computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum (1985.) I first I tried quite a few Distros. Ubuntu, Bodhi, Deepin, Ubuntu Mate, Ubuntu Studio. All of the I ■■■■■■ up in some kind of way so i tried the next. Then I got to Manjaro and no matter how I wrecked it I seemed to always get it back (probably due to the excellent arch documentation combined with the Manjaro community) So I stuck with it. Till a few weeks ago when I stumbled on the Garuda Wayfire edition. That was so interesting I had to try it. Now a few weeks of tinkering later. My laptop runs Garuda LXQT and my "big rig" Garuda KDE Dragonized Compiz Powered Gamers Edition with Cairo Dock. I ran Manjaro with Compiz Standalone and Cairo Dock quite successfully for two years so being quite comfortable with that I ditched Kwin and Latte Dock. Of course I ■■■■■■ things up quite bad. But what really won me over is how easy the powerful toolkit of Garuda Assistent and Flashback made it to recover from stupid mistakes.
Besides that I think Garuda has one of the coolest looking desktops bar none.
Manjaro is great but also very clean, minimalist, business like and BORING. When I look at my Garuda desktops it puts a smile on my face. If me and my mates had seen such a desktop in 1985 we would have prostituted ourselves to get it.
So yeah after a couple of weeks I'm very impressed . I think it's the coolest O.C./Distro I have ever seen and as far as I can see, at least as rock solid as Manjaro.
Great work!

Mushroom Mike


Hi there!


as Arch, please :slight_smile:
Welcome in the Club.


So glad you're enjoying your Garuda experience, but please don't go so far as to:

Also, be sure to use protectection if doing risky business, timeshift is always a good prophylactic to use.



I am also a huge eye candy fan! Love it! Compiz and Cairo dock should be the default or at least a Garuda version with these as default. My guess... It would become the hottest Linux desktop ever.