Version suggestion please

Hey so i have been using Dragonized for 3 months now and I am REALLY IMPRESSED by the UI but recently have been encountering some bugs like Random freezing which I suppose is due to my pc, I find wayfire the 2nd most appealing to me is wayfire less resource intensive than dragonized?

Well, I can't answer that question.
And I don't think anybody else can, except the people who have tried both or run benchmarks, or are a member of the Garuda Team.

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The way to try Flavour depends upon your free time value & duration. It would save time if you choose with your specs.

Best way is see forum of each flavour to learn about complaints & appreciations :grimacing::mask:

These may help

KDE vs Wayfire vs Dragonised Comparison

Existing Topic Wayfire vs i3wm

Garuda Download Page :laughing:

Brief Summary :

Want stunning appearance & custom tuning also Gaming ?


Want Light Weight DM


Want Ease yet also performing (Nividia users,try this)?


Want Rock Solid Stable UNIXs like ?


Want Light Weight , Modern look , performing LagFree ?


Want Light Weight , Good Apperance, customisable , Extendable ?


Want dynamic extensible DM letting you launch app without remembering key binding ?


Want tiling dm thst respond to message on specific socket while representing windows as leaves of binary tree ?


Want configured Light Weight wm leaving small memory footprint operating mainly with keyboard with cheat sheet ?


Want configured , easy to use keybinding with cheat sheet and Nord colour v, using Wayland alternative to offer seamless Wayland Compositor ?


Want vannila flavour of Garuda ?



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