Using prime-run on game causes the game to show blank screen

I use prime-run to run application without any problem. (my laptop has intel and nvidia 940mx graphic )
Yesterday I used it to run a game, and it showed black window (the window supposedly shows screen of the game). These were the two command that I used in terminal (I tried both).

prime-run ./
prime-run sh

Interestingly, if I just use these command without prime-run the window screen of the game showed up.

Note: I played this game on windows once. When I played this game using intel graphic, It was horrible experience, that's why I need to play it using nvidia graphic.

Thank you.

With this, check your game info to see which gpu is used.
It could be automatically using nvidia.

Next, you should look for support at the specific game support forum, since it's all about it. :man_shrugging:


Thank you for your reply.

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