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Hey there, glad to be a part of this community:)


Thought I’d pop in here and say Hi.

Tried Linux a few times, but it never quite hit the mark for me. Started off withRed hat, ver 5.2 I think it was, came on a CD in the back of a book I got whilst in the states. Tried it but it wasn’t for me, plus my system wasn’t strong enough really. Over the years I’ve tried most of the bigger distros but liked the way Manjaro looked but not how it often behaved, and as for updating nvidia drivers, the less said the better!

Been out of the Linux game for 2 or 3 years, but after M$ gave everyone their latest dicatorship ideas in the form of recall I decided it was time to have a serious look at alternatives. Did some reading and asked around a bit and Garuda’s name popped up more than once, so I thought that I’d give it a go.

Its running on a laptop for now and I’m pretty impressed so far :slight_smile:


I’ll now add that it is now on my main system.
A few glitches here and there so far, the most annoying one ATM is that the task manager panel isn’t auto-hiding on the main monitor, so had to move it to the secondary.

I’m impressed with the support available as well.

Hallo, bin schon einige Zeit bei Garuda, ich benutze Cinnamon in den hellen Farben und bin mit der Version sehr zufrieden.
Gerne würde ich auch kde plasma installieren, aber ich brauche unbedingt eine Bildschirmtastatur, die ja bei Cinnamon vorhanden ist, aber jetzt neuerdings funktioniert onboard, das ich immer verwendete, bei kde plasma nicht mehr. Ich kann onboard installieren, aber arbeiten damit ist nicht möglich. Sowie ich onboard aufrufe, verschwindet es auch gleich wieder. Schade !!!
Alles andere läuft reibungslos - nur das grieselige Bild beim Starten stört mich ein wenig.
Übrigens, mein Nickname ist mein 2. Vorname.
Allen, die an der Entstehung und Weiterentwicklung von Garuda beteiligt sind, ein herzliches Dankeschön - für mich eine sehr gelungene Distribution.

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garuda welcome 2 :slight_smile:

Try X11 or other virtual keyboard.

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I’m not new here but have been idle for a year, now coming back for more! :wink:
Basically I decided to split my cyber-life in two, taking work-related stuff in it’s own dedicated way AND the rest, all the fun stuff, coming back to Garuda <3

The awesome Garuda forum and community gave me just what I needed,
had at that time been distrohopping for 8-10 years, always giving up, going back to Windows… Here I could find answers, solving issues and if needed, ask for help!
In the very chill, non toxic community, like no other <3

Once again surprised of our Garuda Dev’s passion as fountainhead & Garuda Team devotion and efforts making all of this! I brought some experience coming back, hopefully I can now contribute and give back, as I will always be grateful of the help I’ve got from you =)


Computer say: No :wink:

Welcome back an have fun :slight_smile:
Nice avatar, btw. :smiling_face:


Hi there.
Using various Linux distributions for 25 years or so, I am looking for one valuing the community and offering a robust system.
Former official packager of a rpm distro, I did not like the current dynamic and I just decided to move on.
I liked what I read and saw with Garuda. I will dig more into.
See you around.


See you :slight_smile: and
garuda welcome 2

Hello! I’m Ernie, and I’m in my mid 70s. I’ve been using PCs since my first (and only) store-bought desktop (an IBM-compatible, with an 8088 CPU, 640MB RAM, a 100MB MFM hard drive, and a 14-inch EVGA CRT display). In the late 1990s, I discovered GNU/Linux, and watched as it grew into the modern OS it has become today. My first successful GNU/Linux installation was Mandrake, and the only problem I had with it was getting the Network adapter to work (easily resolved from Windows 95 on the Mandrake forum). After Mandrake/Mandriva stopped development, I’ve tried many distributions based on RedHat/Fedora, Debian/Ubuntu, Arch, and several independents. They all had something to offer, but none of them met all my wants/needs, until I found Garuda-KDE-Lite and Garuda-xfce. I have an older laptop PC that’ll never meet the Windows 11 system requirements, so when Windows 10 reaches EOL, it’ll become a GNU/Linux-only box, running Garuda-xfce. I dual-boot Windows 11 with Garuda-KDE-Lite on my desktop and primary laptop PCs, at least until I see what MSFT does with the next major upgrade. Who knows, I could become a GNU/Linux-only user if MSFT continues on their current path (Nuff-said :slight_smile:).

I assemble all my desktop PCs from components, and I’d do the same with laptops, if there were cases available at a cost similar to what I pay for my desktop cases, but since that’s not the case, I try to get the best laptop I can afford, so it’ll last as long as possible. Including the one I inherited from my wife when she passed away, I’ve owned three laptops since the late 1990s.

If all this doesn’t tell you enough about who I am, I’m a tinkerer, experimenter (I call my experiment’s adventures), and desktop PC assembler.



garuda welcome 2 :slight_smile:
and have fun :smiley:

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Hi there @ernie. :wave:

It’s so nice to see the older folks migrating to Garuda. The only reason many people stick with Windows IMO is because of job requirements that keep them tied to that OS. Luckily us more mature folks are free of that encumberment to use whatever OS and software we please.

Here’s to us grey hairs. :beers:

Welcome to the Garuda community. :hugs: