Use Of Garuda-Tools

i need help to use garuda tools because i am not understanding the readme file can someone give it in a simpler way

Welcome to the Garuda Forum.
which tools are you having trouble understanding? Assistant?


garuda-tools used to build garuda isos

pretty straight forward. just install garuda-tools-iso-git for generating iso's with default profiles..
Read the README for info of the tools. you can try build an iso with custom profile, chroot into it. Defaut profiles are in Iso-profiles repo. fork it your gitlab, make a branch and then create PR


can you tell me step by step because i am a beginner

We don't do that kind of teaching. If following the written instructions step-by-step don't work, perhaps you need to hire someone offline to teach you.


I couldn’t help but notice, that Garuda-tools has this flag:

    -a <arch>          Arch [default: auto]

Doe this mean Garuda Linux could be built for ARM Devices? I assume it would be more work than just switching a build flag, but it seems possible. Manjaro seems to be pretty proud of their Raspberry Pi 4/pinephone images, perhaps Garuda could be even better!

It’s also somewhat a sign of maturity when a distro has multiple CPU architectures. In this case, I think the Arch community has done much of the heavy lifting, as there is unofficial Arch Arm repositories, etc.

I know it’s completely unrelated, but this seems like a dead-end thread anyways.

If it’s practical, I might consider working on this for fun.

I do not think it would run well...

Yeah, my guess is that some of the Garuda essentials might have to be stripped out to get it to run at any sort of decent performance. It might be something I’d experiment with in the future, but I don’t know if it really matters for ARM devices that are basically tinker devices.

I’m just thinking about the future. It seems like the world might be very quickly transitioning to ARM. It might as some point be a high performance platform for general PCs.

Later this year, it looks like Samsung might release an Exynos laptop with and AMD GPU: Samsung and AMD will reportedly take on Apple’s M1 SoC later this year | Ars Technica

The general thought is that working with a Raspberry Pi would help prepare for this future.

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Looking over here. Might give you an idea of issues in an arm system with an arch based distro.

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is there any one command execution