USB Mic produces very low volume vocals!

Hello all! New to the forums here. I recently got into Garuda a couple days ago and am loving it so far. I seem to have hit a snag regarding audio and Google has left me scratching my head as no one else seems to have this issue. (Not in Arch, anyway)

I set up a home studio and everything plugs in and works. Thats good! My problem is my buddy lent me a USB microphone and although it records vocals, it records them at an unusually low level. The beats are so much louder than the vocal track and when trying to fix it post-edit, the vocal track just ends up clipping to the point of destroying my ear drums. Anyone with experience in this field who has solved this issue or has any ideas, I would greatly appreciate the assistance! For the record im using Audacity as the DAW.

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inxi -Fza

as text!

Can we not use terms like this, please?

Sure thing! My apologies, I meant no offense.

Thank you Gloom

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Just trying to make sure I follow instructions :joy:

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