Usb boot drive

i look across the web for like an hour and couldnt find anything about the topic if there is sorry its just a simple question. i made a usb boot drive on windows to change to garuda im just wondering if there is a way to wipe it clean so i can use it again because it says i dont have permission to do anything with it and i dont know how to wipe it if possible

Can you be more specific about what you mean? For example, what exactly is on the USB drive? What method did you use for putting it on there? What are you trying to do with it?

Do you want to reformat the USB drive? What filesystem do you want to use? Are you going to complete the operation from Linux or Windows?

What is saying that? What are you doing when it says that? What exactly is it saying? Copy and paste the exact message if you can.


Open KDE partition manager or Gparted on linux , or Partition Manager on Windows, select your USB drive, select all partitions and delete them. Done.

As @BluishHumility said, be a bit more specific about the permission issue.

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this worked thank you.

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