"Upgrade to Ultimate" associated with "buy full version"

Hello. Developers of proprietary software (on Windows, Android, etc) often use "upgrade" as "upgrade you plan, upgrade to ultimate", etc. Many users, special new to Linux/free as in freedom software have association about "upgrade to X" with "buy version X". I think some people will click "cancel" out of habit. Maybe we should change this to something like "install additional software"? Have you other ideas? What do you think about this?

It's not our fault that this word (upgrade) is misused by M$ and Android, write to them and tell them not to use it to sell anything :slight_smile:


No, I click yes and then I can chose, use and pay or no. :wink:


I dont think there are many paid linux distro's if any.

One more thing, I dont think there will be many if any proprietary software developers scrolling the garuda linux forums and 1 thing for sure they will not change their app for a linux distro, Let alone there are millions of app's available to download changing 5 of the apps wont make a difference. Secondly In the start of your post i point the message to proprietary developers at the end its the garuda team.

You must be new to Linux. "Upgrade" and/or "update" have been common Linux terminology as long as I can remember--not long nowadays, granted--but probably as long as there has been Linux.

Linux was born of the internet. Windows was not.

It's what we do. :wink:


Assuming that you must've been in Ubuntu first before any other like Arch, you must have noticed apt-get update and apt-get upgrade. So most likely a newbie finds Ubuntu as the first Linux distro by its ease of use popularity and there itself know what "upgrade" means.


Yes, I am lacking about new to Linux users. Garuda is for new users too, right?

Yes, maybe upgrade is software updating process, and every Linux user know it. But: 1. Some users new to Linux.
2. Upgrade != Upgrade to Ultimate

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It's for any self-learner willing to do their homework. Most of the competent users you will meet here are not new to Linux, but any Linux user can become competent. Self-learners do not ask questions that are easily answered by forum or Google searches.

Self-learners read this: How To Ask Questions The Smart Way


Actually, in pacman, upgrade means a different thing... It's like when you do pacman -U file to install an external package, as in you upgrade the list of synced packages. So upgrade to ultimate... you can choose which software... etc makes sense in the arch context as expanding the preinstalled software.

I think you have a point, but to me it was pretty clear that I could choose among whatever is in the repositories, propreitary or not.


OK. Though *literally I don't know any difference between update and upgrade, I'm sure that it must not be something with buying. What I stated above was just that people definitely know that in Linux it's not have anything to do with buying.

@averyanalex you're right, but "upgrade" is used differently in different contexts — upgrade package, upgrade to ultimate,... — so that should be understood where it means what.

From what I have understood, Ultimate is like an upgraded edition with more apps, which makes me feel like "I've upgraded from Garuda Dr460nized to Garuda Dr460nized Ultimate" (the same way like "I've upgraded from Garuda Dr460nized to Garuda Dr460nized Gaming" when I installed apps through Garuda Gamer instead of Garuda Setup assistant).

Now how I understand upgrade is that it gives access to more (for example even if you take buying full version to get access to more features), but here you upgrade (simply, get get access to more apps, by just downloading them) for free unlike Windows or any such software.

TL;DR Upgrade need not to be meant as buying to get access to more.

Basically how I understood Garuda Ultimate

is that with it we can do any basic thing like audio streaming, video editing, etc... So we don't needs to search online "photo editors for linux", in Garuda


That is, in the end, you think that we shouldn't rename it, but leave it that way (upgrade to ultimate)?

Personally, I like the word "upgrade" :smiley:
First time when I installed Garuda I couldn't stop myself pressing "Yes" for it. It was exciting "what that would be?". Maybe, if there was something boring, like "additional packages", I would not, like when I install any app I just skip opt deps.

This was just my personal opinion. I'm not sticking with it, but if it gets change it should not be something boring, to keep the excitement alive for newbies.

I'm also sure that if the mods change it, they won't take the excitement away :wink:


We don't want to sell anything so we can't care.
Those who inform themselves will see what it is all about.
We can't help it if words are misused for commercial things and there is only one word for ~ 30 different things in the English language :wink: .