Update system and update firefox and crash everytime

Hi everyone !
A few minutes ago I update Garuda, also update Firefox to 127.0.2-1 and restar firefox, open any web page and a few seconds to navigate and crash. Restar firefox open another webpage and crash.
Also use Mabox and the same problem, search in the web for any solution and nothing.

Any solve?
I install firefox 128 beta and work a bit fine.
Update: Also crash everytime.

Thanks !

Try the default Garuda Linux web browser, firedragon.

BTW, this forum is not a general technical support forum.

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I have been also experiencing frequent Firefox crashes recently. Firefox has been extremely stable for me in the past, but after upgrading to firefox 128.0-2 it very frequently crashes. I tried different profiles and also created a new profile without any plugins, but it always quickly crashes.

Using KDE, Wayland and a Nvidea 1080 GPU