Update Script on other distros?

Hey so I was just curious if the update command and the script located at /usr/bin/update would work on other distros if anyone wanted to try some our but missed that ease of use. I read the script and see it redirects to a Garuda repo but I don't know if that's specific to Garuda or just a redirection to check things on the system during the update. So basically, what I'm asking is I'd I could take that script and copy the update script to /usr/bin on something such as Arch or Manjaro or any other arch based distro? Just a query so it's alright if not but I would like to know for potential future purposes and testing of other distros. Thanks. Below is the script I talk about btw.


You would need to modify it to support other arch-based distros. It is garuda-specific.


Well, I just copied it on a laptop where I have an Arch installation and it worked perfectly with no modifications.
For sure you should review the keyring part and update as needed.
In my case it was not necessary because I already configured the chaotic-AUR.
Most of the rest is based on if conditions, so should be OK.


This sort of “update script” would be better adapted to meet the specifics of the distro, rather than reusing one that’s designed for Garuda.

If you just want an “update all the things!!1” option then have a look at topgrade.


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