Update failed after clean install

Greetings, I just did a clean install of Garuda Gaming edition and the update failed because of manghud being in conflict with mangohud-common, how do i get around this?

I tried syyu --ignore mangohud and i am still getting a problem updating some python package so even ignoring mangohud i can update.

Hello I have a sollution of all problems with the first update pfor Garuda Gaming Edition

You just need apply 2 commands in a new terminal:

1.- First Install python

sudo pacman -Syu python-xdg

1.1.- Just type "y" to install and wait for downloads.

2.- Second install mangohud-common

sudo pacman -Syu mangohud-common

2.1.- Just type "y" to install and wait for downloads.

3.- Just run the auto update in Garuda Assistant and all works good

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