Update command AUR

Hi. I was just curious why the update command doesn't run paru -Sua as part of the script? I updated the system and then ran paru -Sua to update the AUR packages. I thought all this time that it was part of garuda-update until I had checked. So was just wondering if there's any reason for that?

UPDATE_AUR=1 update is what you need


Or alternatively:
update -a or update --aur


Oh thank you. What file is this needed to be added to sorry? The garuda-update script?

Well as I see no reason not to update aur packages with a system update, an alias to make update run this could be a good idea. Thanks for the suggestion

Nowhere, it's an environment variable.

I'm not going to add an alias for literally adding "-a" >.<


Oh I see. I've used Linux a fair amount and don't remember the last time I used an environment variable. Not too familiar with them. Will run it though so thanks for clearing up. And yeah an alias isn't needed for one or two letters but if you always want to upgrade aur packages then it doesn't hurt. But yeah that environment variable will do the trick I'm sure

You can either use the environment variable OR the command line parameter. The command line parameter is a new feature, though.


Gotcha. Thanks for clarifying.

While this thread is open, may I ask if anyone else makes any changes to the update command such as updating AUR?

So I closed them.

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