Unresponsive keyboard on boot

Hi all,

I killed my pc. After using Garuda for a day, I was just looking at the settings because of the dimming issue on my 2nd screen. It offered me an option to install open-source drivers, and I was like why not. It installed, did a reboot, Garuda boot options and it flashed a logo for a sec, and then only black screen.

Okay, no problem I thought. I’ll just start from a snapshot. Rebooted again, but I’m not able to use my keyboard anymore! Can’t get to BIOS, not able to choose options from garuda’s boot menu, after 4sec it goes back to black screen.
The keyboard starts to react to num/caps locks while sitting at a black screen, but ctrl+alt+f2/3/... are not working.

I have B450 Aorus Pro
Ryzen 7 3700X
RX 580

Let me know if I can provide any more info, but I think this is all I got...

Note for a fellow n00b: I cleared CMOS, loaded a snapshot and went to bed.
Pro guys: I’m sorry, I was having a panic attack.

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"Sounds" like more of a singular hardware issue rather than pertaining to the operating system.

Amazing what a hunk of metal & plastic can do, heh? Glad you're sorted. :smiley:


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