Unable TO make packages

in garuda when i do makepkg -Si it creates a source package not a alpm package

It's because --S means --source.

What you may want
makepkg -si

but at first it used to make
i dont kknow how to do it

Did you check the hidden secret in the above post?


What you used before was -si and now trying it with -Si. Always to remember in Linux: all commands and arguments are case-sensitive. Uppercase and lowercase both make a huge difference.


Hi @hisham_6c5

For future reference, you can get a complete list of arguments for makepkg several ways; here's a couple of them.

makepkg -- Arch Manual Pages

or via:

makepkg -h

That will display a list of arguments/switches you can use...

More references:

makepkg ArchWiki

Creating Packages ArchWiki

Arch Build System ArchWiki

Best wishes!


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