Unable to install from usb

Hello guys really strange issue here

i am currently on pop os and wanted to try garuda as i think its better for gaming

i downloaded the iso: "garuda-gnome-linux-tkg-bmq-201205.iso"

  1. i put it on my ventoy usb, dont boot.
  2. i used etcher to make bootable usb, still dont boot.
  3. i used pop os usb flashing, still dont boot.

This is the only os i have ever tried that wont boot from usb.

Any ideas? really lost here......

Try the KDE (or other) version of Garuda. There has been a lot of problems with the Gnome version. If you didn't just download the ISO then be sure to download a new copy.

Be sure to checksum the ISO you download to be sure there's no errors.

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i downloaded the iso from here yesterday

i dont want to use KDE, i want to use Gnome

There is no errors with my iso image

Did you? ^^^^^

KDE is great, don't waste your time with Gnome.


I dont like KDE i use Gnome with many extensions

I will just go back to manjaro gnome that boots for me

garuda linux has left a sour taste in my mouth

Ya I kind of figured from your rude response to my post that you were simply an M fanboi yanking our chain.

Generally, when someone is seriously looking for help they post their system specs on their OP.

Also they might realize that testing a different desktop than Gnome wasn't intended to be a solution, it was intended to be a troubleshooting step.


Whats your graphics card?

How was i rude? im not a fan boy i wanted to swap to garuda linux to test cyberpunk 2077

anyway here is my system specs

OS: Pop!_OS 20.10 groovy
Arch: x86_64
Kernel: 5.8.0-7630-generic
Desktop: pop:GNOME
Display Server: x11

Vendor: GenuineIntel
Model: Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-9900K CPU @ 3.60GHz
Physical cores: 8
Logical cores: 16

RAM: 62.8 GB
Swap: 4.0 GB

Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
OpenGL Renderer: GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER/PCIe/SSE2
OpenGL Version: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 455.38
OpenGL Core: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 455.38
OpenGL ES: OpenGL ES 3.2 NVIDIA 455.38
Vulkan: Supported

Seems you are not using long time MJ or there forum.
formatted text
please. :slight_smile:

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In the past NVIDIA hardware caused bootup problems for GNOME iso. Thats why booting another iso such as KDE would help finding out if its another one of these problems as @tbg pointed out already :thinking:


ok i will download KDE and try and boot and report back

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