Unable to get G-sync working

Title is the main issue. I'm coming from manjaro where I was able to get G-sync working without too many issues. I had to completely turn off compositing and it worked flawlessly. Here on Garuda, I have no sort of luck.

I run a Titan RTX. I'm quite familiar with the nvidia-settings menus. I have tried a myriad of combinations there with no change. I am able to change the static refresh rate. So I can go from 60hz, to 144hz and I know this is working properly as my display shows the FPS changing. When set to auto which should allow the variable rate, nothing changes. It stays static. Which leads me to believe that the refresh rate is being set by a separate config and I have no clue where that might be.

My xorg.conf is very bare. My nvidia conf is just holding the same information from the nvidia-settings. I tried disabling compositing for kwin but that did not change anything. I'm more than happy to supply any configuration files that may assist with figuring this out. Please let me know what you would like to see for troubleshooting and I will create a pastebin link.

Start with garuda-inxi as requested in the template.

Not for the garuda-inxi,
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