Unable to create new partition

if i have to create partition then i have to shrink some space but i cant because every partition is locked
i cant resize/move it
how can i remove lock from every partition so that i can resize it

Are you using a live USB? Please use also Gparted (in case you're using something else, we saw yesterday that it is definitely the best option)
Otherwise, your root partition is necessarily mounted, so locked, and most likely also other partitions should be mounted (although unmountable in that case I think)


Unmount that partition first.

Live USB was used in that answer because you can't Unmount the drive containing OS. So, for other drives, you can easily Unmount without live USB.


Sure, now I see, the OP needs "only" to create a new partition shrinking another one (no mentioning of the root). I was still on that post with my mind :blush:
So, everything should be much easier, just unlock with right-click and unmount...


Issue solve thanks for helping me

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