Unable to create Garuda USB as usual

Good morning, I have an SSD and USB 8gb where I usually install distros in order to be tested. but Today with Balena Etcher I’m getting the error showed in below’s picture. Also Ventoy works, but in the middle of the installation everything stops working and installation won’t continue.

I can’t upload pictures: Something went wrong, IF it is a compressed image, please check that the archive is not corrupted. The writer process ended unexpectedly.

Hi there, welcome to the forum.
If Ventoy works, please post your garuda-inxi from there.

This is normal for new users.
What’s the name of the ISO file? Downloaded from the website or a development build from the start page?
Checksum verified?


Hello. Yes official website no dev.
I will try to install it again and take logs if it fails.
No checksum verified.
It’s really weird. First time I face this issue.

Hello when I run the checksum this is the output I get 5a62e170550e7403c45879d12f28cbb93660d113f4f8991a63bb06d568d51bd6

I was using Balena-Etcher from AUR and not from the website. So I downloaded the .Appimage. Now it is working fine and the mentioned error is gone.

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