Two issues with KDE that might make it look worse than it actually is on a first glance

So far I'm very amazed by how the system works in general and happy to see that Garuda team cares much about their distro. Though there are two issues that may make Garuda look bad:

  • The window animations and everything is very well done, however my ONLY issue with all the animations is that opening Dolphin, Konsole and other stuff actually lags the whole PC for a tiny bit (around a second), and it seems to be a bigger lag since the last update (actually updated the system about an hour ago). This also happens to the KDE applications search thing (pressing the meta key), but that doesn't really bother me that much (but when people who don't use Linux, that visit me, will see this, they'll claim Linux sucks, and I don't want that :stuck_out_tongue: ). My PC is not bad, actually (aside of graphics card - Ryzen 5 3600, 64 GB RAM, forgot what was my motherboard, but it's 500 something, everything bought last year, new), so the lags shouldn't be because of the PC. Though, again, it only happens when opening some things, afterwards nothing.

  • The KDE bottom bar has the weird issue where the background doesn't want to hide sometimes, but if you're using the black and transparent one it's pretty hard to spot most of the time (I spot it 0 - 2 times a day, but it happens quite a lot as I've used the version with the blue bar instead of transparent). Though, I assume this is happening only because the background just loves us, the users, so not a big deal. :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be nice to have it fixed in an update. So far I don't actually see any reason of abandoning using Garuda, and I feel like I'll never look for another distro at all. Great job, Garuda team (well, but aside of the bugs and issues, but you know that!)!

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All I read is that KDE still hasn't fixed all the bugs.
Try i3wm or Xfce, you will be amazed how much faster your system boots and no more lags occur.

In short, what you "criticise" about Garuda is KDE.


These are related to X11. All we can do is to wait for Plasma to be Wayland-by-default or use it with Wayland along with its current bugs :man_shrugging:


That means I'll need to figure out how to install that because I've never actually toyed with it. :stuck_out_tongue: Though, I thought it's actually related to Garuda as I'm using the Dragonized version. Hope I can just install the i3wm or Xfce without having to reinstall the system. I know you can do that with some of the desktop environments, but I heard that some don't allow that. Though I'll look into it, thank you and sorry for thinking it's actually Garuda's issue.

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there is a thread on forum to switch desktop environments with garuda theming applied. search for Switching from BSPWM to KDE. the main process remains same.

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So, after I installed Xfce following this (basically using the commands that are listed in the website and selecting Xfce before logging in) I was unable to open anything aside of the initial internet browser that is being installed along with the system. Moreover, both DE's were mixed together when it comes to appearence. I also followed Switching to BSPWM from KDE as LordPoseidon26 suggested.

Guess the only way is to reinstall the system altogether.

Do not use web installation guides, please.


Use Garuda- Xfce-ISO that is the best and clean way.
Wait a little, maybe this weekend come new ISO's, so the update is not bigger than the ISO :slight_smile:

Does that mean I can just download the ISO and install it from the ISO? I always thought you gotta reinstall the system using a USB stick.

I'm actually not in hurry to swap, but I might actually do it at some point. Best would be to not wipe the hole system, but just installing what I need, but if it'll be needed, I will reinstall.

Yes, you burn the ISO onto the stick and install it.

If Ventoy works for you, it's even easier.

It works both ways if you know what to look for, the safest way to have a working system in the long run, as a beginner, is a new installation.

If you like KDE better and can live with the small quirks, a change is unnecessary.

I just wanted to say that Xfce is more mature but can't always keep up with KDE visually.

It is also a question of taste.

I actually picked KDE only because every Garuda video or thread I saw was saying that other desktop environments are either buggy or don't work at all, and that KDE Dragonized seems to be the most loved one by Garuda team. That was the main reason of me choosing it. While I don't mind anything about KDE, I feel like Xfce might fit me more, because it kind of makes me remember the times when I used Windows. Though, not sure if I'll swap, probably, maybe, but as for now I'll live with what I have. Though I need a new USB stick for my data, because I'm running out of USB stick space, so might as well "check if the new USB stick works" by reinstalling the system. :stuck_out_tongue:

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In terminal

sudo pacman -Syu ventoy-bin

One stick all ISO :slight_smile: (if memory big enough)


Thank you for that, though I'd actually rather go with the reinstall because I'm not good with technical stuff. I'd say I'm still a beginner when it comes to Linux, and a complete level 1 noob when it comes to toying with systems (though I can install the system, that's where my experience ends xD).

If I could use that to basically install new system on my current system and remove the old system (aka reinstall without reinstall, if that makes any sense), I'd look into it, but I'd be still kind of afraid of using it because I tend to break the easiest to do stuff (I broke Java and Nvidia drivers installation back on Windows, not once but at least 3 times, so if you think I can't fail this then you might change your mind).

Also, really makes me love Garuda more when I see how much the developers care about not only their project but also users. Thank you for that as well!


This is actually interesting as my device (which is much less low end as yours) doesnt have these issues :eyes: I'm not sure if changing the opening animation helps but its something you can try at least..


Yeah I did try that but it didn't do anything (animations did change, though :stuck_out_tongue: ). I also saw on some videos that the same issue happens to them, so there might be something more to that. Unless KDE doesn't update by "pacman -Syu"? I doubt that'd be the case, though.

My system is also far older than yours (that I'm writing this on) and I also do not experience the lags you speak of either.


There's something more interesting. I made sure my KDE is set to "Glide" (see dr460nf1r3 screenshot) and I updated my system yesterday (pacman -Syu). Today, nothing changed, but I was like "I'll check again if changing the animation does something", and it was set to "fade", for some random reason. It only made me realize that because my Chrome was closing weirdly (no issues, just the animation was different). Though it still has a micro lag to itself (around 0.1 - 0.3 seconds of lag), but it's actually quite hard to see, but also the animation frames are laggy when opening stuff (only during opening). KDE sure is weird.

Also, the update I made yesterday gives me an error when updating again (I don't want to make another topic only because I feel like this is something known but I'm too new to know what's up - but if needed, I'll cut it from here and make another topic)

:: Starting full system upgrade...
resolving dependencies...
looking for conflicting packages...
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: installing libpcap (1.10.1-1) breaks dependency 'libpcap=1.10.0' required by lib32-libpcap

I couldn't actually find much in the internet, aside of one post that said to uninstall Wine and then update. Is it actually what I should do or is there another way of fixing it?

PS: Don't ask why are all my messages walls of text. I sometimes wonder that myself...

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