Two docks beign appeared

The docks in my pc appears as:

I was experimenting different appearances with Latte Dock and i guess i messed up some of the settings maybe? Also , when i change my wallpaper and restart my pc, the wallpaper gets reset and it appears same as previous (the default wallpaper)

If you go to System Settings ~> Appearance ~> Global Theme, Select Sweetified Plasma, and when the dialog comes up, select both (See Image)

Then click "Apply", and see if that changes your layouts back to how they were. Also check and make sure the layouts in Latte itself is set to Dr460nized.


Also please post your garuda-inxi in the format for a help request since it asked you to in the template. You have to delete the text that instructs you to post it, so instructions were read and ignored when submitting this request, or you didn't read the instructions. Please read and follow instructions when asking for help. It'll help us be able to help you better.


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