Trying to Install DDE on Garuda

Hey everyone! I'm currently a Windows 10 user but I'm considering to start using Linux, since I think it has come a long way and it looks really nice. I have done my research I really like Garuda, its looks and its awesome features! :grin:

Even though I seem to really like KDE, I'd really like to have the DDE experience, it's something I'd find very enjoyable I think.

The problem is that I have no idea how to install it. No guides or anything... And the website doesn't have a link for that specific DE. Do you have anything for me?

Thanks in advance! :grin:

PS: I used Linux Mint about a year ago, but only for a few days. I liked the Linux experience, but the distro wasn't my cup of tea. I should also note that I have no coding knowledge or anything like that.

Deepin is buggy
We dropped it due to its mamoth of bugs


Well, that does make sense. I saw on the forum that you had some problems with it...

The only other option for DDE is probably Ubuntu (if I don't want to test my luck with Deepin OS). But I'd prefer something with Garuda's power and features.

Oh well, thanks for your reply!

KDE is so customizable that it can be made to look like pretty near any OS you want. DDE is really not well suited to an Arch based rolling distribution as that was not what it was created to run on. It can be done, but it requires a lot of troubleshooting skills and effort.

KDE can be customized to look almost any way you want. It takes a bit of work, but most of the components to make it easily themable are already installed for you in the Garuda KDE versions.


You can actually make it look pretty much identical and end up with a far superior result.


Yeah, I would say don't bother with Deepin unless you want to run it on Deepin. Circular logic there...but you know what I mean.

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You're not wrong there!

Thanks! I'll check that out!

Yes, I understand. To be honest, I really like that DE, but I prefer something with a rolling release and to be able to use the Arch repos. But KDE can indeed work miracles!

Oh I know...I absolutely hate hate hate Debian now days (with how far out of date it's releases are).


Indeed, many things there just kinda feel out of date...

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