Trying installing on my other laptop

With the new dr460nized .iso (the normal one)

Am I stuck or it just kinda long loading after i choose to boot with open source (stuck on Garuda logo with loading dot circling below it)

Press ESC to show, mhwd? wait.

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What @SGS says - it can take up to 4mins.

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After i press ESC, it said

mount : /run/miso/sfs/livefs: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop0, missing codepage or helper program, ot other error.
ERROR; Failed to mount 'dev/loop0'
Falling back to interactie prompt
You can try to fix the problem manually, log out when you are finished
sh: can't access tty: job control turned off
[rootfs ]#

Already pas couple of minutes and it still on the circling dot with Garuda logo

already pass more than 4 minutes

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Use free driver, I have same on KDE gaming now with my old Nvidia GPU.
Free work.

Did you try to use ext4?

It must be Btrfs.

the terminal output from calamares.

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Yes i choose free driver or on the newest .iso is the open source driver

I'm still stuck on the boot loading from the live USB (should mention it before)

Again, last time.
Press ESC and tell what the output is.
or use

sudo calamares -d

I finally enter the Live environment after I immediately press ESC after the Garuda logo is out. Trying to install now. I keep up the update if later i have any problem.

Thanks for your help and patience :pray:

This looks like something broke, compare checksums to make sure its not a broken iso. Also use the right way to create the thumbdrive


This isn't helpful.
How do we know if you are really using the latest (official) version.

We therefore always ask for the full name of the ISO being used ala


I think there's something broken indeed. I already entered the Live environment but can't move my pointer with touchpad or mouse

Yes it is

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And it not detecting my wifi

Try to put problems/symptoms in properly oragnised posts, to enable Devs/Team to better help you, please.

A few extra minutes saves you and them time in the long run. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry. I'm posting all of this with my phone :pray:

If WiFi not work use wire, best is one thread for one problem.
If you post 20 problems in one topic/thread then may nobody can or try to solve all. :slight_smile:


I think all is done here. Thanks @SGS @Stroke_Finger @dr460nf1r3
I'm updating at the moment and everything is fine.

Thanks for the help and patience of you guys :pray:


I need help ASAP. In the middle of update, I forgot my laptop battery isn't plug on and the power is out.

I start the laptop after plug the power and I booting from snapshot.

I read that I can get it to normal grub again with
sudo update-grub

After that I restart and I'm in trouble

The point is it can't find the snapshot timeshift and i got error: you need to load the kernel first.

Help :pleading_face: