Trouble starting Hyprland

Hello Garuda users.

I’m dealing with the gtk theme because I’m in a hurry, but since I know that if I switch to the hyperland screen, I will have a wayland problem, my question to you is this; After the Hyprland login screen, the screen does not open because of Wayland. How can I solve this? I would appreciate it if you could answer me. I do not want to have problems with repo and packages all the time. I am studying for my exams. I do not want to change the distro just because I have a constant problem.
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You can post garuda-inxi from the live ISO.

Use KDE, Xfce, i3wm, btw.

Hyprland is for advanced user.

Hello Garuda users.

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After installing Hyprland, I was initially amazed at its beauty and functionality.
Todday I booted Hyprland with a black screen, meaning I had to log in again with Garuda Hyprland instead of x11.
Now I’m researching how I can manage Hyprland to start directly with Garuda Hyprland. Nonetheless, Hyprland is a great thing! Thanks.

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