Trapped from my own user system, error on login

This is not a request for support, I will just record this report here in case other users suffer the same
When I am AFK for 10 minutes, Garuda Linux asks my password to Login again
I don't know why, but 10 minutes ago this happened suddenly: I typed my password and it was showing a error message, I don't know how the sentence would be in English, but something like "error on connecting".
I tried at least 15 times, and the error was always the same. It was not saying that the password was wrong, it was simply saying the "it is not possible to enter" somehow. I got really scared because I was trapped from logging in on my own system.
Unfortunately I had to restart my computer and lose something on open programs, but ok. The computer restarted and immediately the login worked. So I don't understand what happened at all and I am afraid that this could happen in the future, and what should be done in that case.

I don't even know how to reproduce this bug, never happened with me before, and I am using Garuda Linux for some months. But I got really afraid of not being able to access my own system due to "it is not possible to enter". I am just registering here so if anyone has or had the same problem, please let me know what is the cause or how to prevent it. What is your hypothesis for what happened.

Would you please post your inxi -Faz.

You can reproduce it by walking away from the keyboard for 10 to 15 minutes.

The best thing to do is to look in the settings for screen savers and the like.

I don't think the bug is reproducible because every time that I am AFK for 10 minutes, the login screen appears and I type my password and it works. I have just tested it.
This report is all about the fact that today this bug happened once, for the first time, and it is not happening anymore. I thought it would be relevant to record this fact, because maybe this will happen to other people in the future, or even happen again to me.

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