TransmissionQT icon breaks in latte-dock

Minor weird behaviour, like the title says.

When not running, the TransmissionQT icon is broken (far right):

When running, the icon displays correctly:

Upon close, the TransmissionQT icon goes back to its broken state. This is the only program which I have noticed does this.

Any fixes?

Unpin it from the dock?

I've tried unpinning and re-pinning it. No change. It's a program I use reasonably often, so I would like to have it there.

You could check with the projects github to see if it's a known problem.

Been looking. Can't see anything so far.

Just to clarify as I probably wasn't clear.

Check with the bug tracking for the latte-dock and transmission projects.

Maybe try changing icon sets?

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Good idea with the icon sets, thank you. Didn't even think of that. Tried a few, but no difference in behaviour, unfortunately.

Maybe an app issue, 2021-02-08_04-56
search in git in 686 issues.