Touchpad freeze

I searched the forum if my issue was already present but i couldn't find anything. I surfed the web but i found quite nothing. I'm experiencing a problem with touchpad that i think it's not totally connected to Garuda. I used in 5 years a few OS and my Dell xps 13 (9350) developer edition has always had that problem. With Ubuntu 14, 16 and 20, with Elementary OS and Garuda, now. I had any problems (recently) with Cloudready and Deepin. The touchpad freeze randomly, becomes unresponsive often after a 15/20 minutes of continuos usage and I am left with no choice but to reboot the system or (but this is not always the best solution) force stop the screen and get access again with password. The problem doesn't appear with external mouse. I found an old article (2012) in witch they suggest try disabling the tap function on the touchpad (i already done it). Other suggestion was to install the gpointing-devices-settings program. Any other got this issue? thanks so much

My first question would be, is your bios fully up to date?

Have you read the entry for your laptop model on the Arch Wiki?


hi tgb, thank you so much for your reply. i have to admit that i'm not a good linux user, sadly, usually i'm not totally able to understand every step to make a good OS installation. i didn't read the wiki about my laptop (my shame, sorry) before installing Garuda; i was on ubuntu before and the touchpad problem was there in the same way, and for what i understand the BIOS was updated. but it's possible it was not. this evening i will check and follow your advice and the link with solutions you posted me. thank you so much

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i'm ashamed to say that my BIOS was a little little little bit not updated... it was 2019 BIOS :flushed:... god, it was a miracle that everything was ok except for the touchpad. I updated to the last one yesterday evening, anyway i couldn't tested if the touchpad goes well now because i haven't used the laptop for long. Thanks again for the patience

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