Topbar in Cinnamon

Now that MATE has been discontinued, I have to install Cinnamon. Is it possible to get top bar like in MATE

Yes, that’s possible. I set up Cinnamon up like this. But I can’t reproduce it because I’m currently working with KDE. I’m sure you’ll find out for yourself.

You would need to remove and re-add the existing panel, which you can then pin to the top.

But I want both a top and bottom panel. Is it possible.

If you right-click on the Cinnamon Panel, you have the choice, amongother options, to add a new Panel. Unfortunately this option is inactive for me. Just once, after a reboot, this option was not grayed out and I was able to add three more panels to the existing one. Every attempt to reproduce it faild. I also don’t remember witch kernel I used. This is the point that I cannot help you with. Just try it yourself …


It works for me, Thanks :grinning:

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