Timeshift purgatory

Apologies if this has already been a source of severe inflammation and rash. Lately I had noticed the size of my root partition getting rather bloated and as there seemed nothing terribly wrong, I was researching said corpulence only as the urge struck me. Today however I was forced to figure things out asap when this morning's update failed due to not enough space being available. I then noticed something odd: an x in fish I didn't recall ever seeing before... Oh dear, what had I done?

After rummaging around in here and more or less determining I had gibbled something to do with timeshift, I suddenly remembered I had used a snapshot due to wrecking something in a drunken haze last week and had no idea my system had entered an alternate universe. Everything appeared normal whilst in this conjured reality and several days passed before this morning when the quasi-fabric of space and time ran out of space.

Unfortunately I could not do anything in Timeshift as everything I tried failed owing to not enough space available. The walls were closing in within the moat in God's eye I had evoked! My increasingly panicked solution was to restore the earliest snapshot extant (Probably the first generated?) rebooted twice, then deleted all snapshots except the most recent. I then ran a seamless update et voila! I think I'm in a real reality now, but just now I again suddenly realized that if I really were real, how would I know? (That's a rhetorical question really, but if you'd care to slap me around a bit for effect I shall not complain) Truth is my brain hurts now...

It goes without saying that Timeshift can be a portal to other, rather terrifying dimensions to your average halfwit, but I'm going to spend some time poking around in there, wherever that actually is. Best do that before I call forth yet another pseudo-universe.


And that's why time travel is dangerous, kids


Was my thought too: Dear children, please do not imitate. Not even outdoors!


In your drunken haze did you think to perform the full system restore from within the GUI of timeshift after using the grub timeshift. restore feature. This information is included on the Wiki and it helps to avoid problems when restoring from a timeshift snapshot at the grub menu.

Not that I'm being critical of your drunken haze, us older Canadians grew up doing our best work that way in the days of yore.

After deleting all your timeshift snapshots it is always best to perform a full btrfs balance in my experience.


This hint had to follow the foot!

Are you kidding? Of course I did nothing of the sort! It appeared to be working fine so I cracked another Old Style and explored the outer limits. Thx for the tip BTW. I'm being extremely judicious with balancing... First run coming right up.