Timeshift location change

Need Assistance....in changing the default location of timeshift snapshot from default location /run/timeshift/backup to say new sub-volume /snapshots on the same partition or even better to new partition.

I looked up a quite a few resources but unable to configure it.

Any help much appreciated.

It work only on same ssd/hdd = /run/timeshift/backup

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But why? For fun? Fun is not covered by Garuda insurance policy.


Create your subvolume, then...

Run in a terminal sudo systemctl edit grub-btrfs.path

Then edit [PATH] PathModified to reflect the /run/ path to your new snapshot directory.

If that goes south you can revert your changes by running sudo systemctl revert grub-btrfs.path

This is enough information to shoot yourself in the foot if you don't know what you are doing in BTRFS or Timeshift, so take it with a whole shaker of salt, please!



Thanks, everyone for the quick response. this is what I love about the garuda forum.
@SGS --> I was trying with the same SSD to a different subvolume that I created called /snapshots on the same SSD at the same level as /run

@petsam --> Not truly fun in the sense, but like to organize the subvolume.

@c00ter --> Yes I tried that, and it makes the snapshots that you save in the different path to enable them in grub during the boot. That is what I was able to infer from following the steps on teejee's website.

Thanks again for the quick replies.

Beware of the difference with "need to organize". This difference is a common subject at psychiatric conferences. :exclamation::exclamation: :grimacing:


fair enough..

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Especially with BTRFS. It's unlike most file systems (except, perhaps, zfs), I have ever used and I'm an old dog, but it has been difficult to wrap my head around some of it. It's too goddamned fluid. :wink: