Thunar application not open after updating today

i have dolphin file manager then i browse file, but i thought i inform garuda linux team for this issue thunar file manager not open after update today so you should fix this.

Did you reboot?

Well, that would all depend on what caused the breakage. You never even said which DE you are using, let alone provided your system specs.


yes i reboot

i use xfce version 8gb of ram ddr3 i5 4th generation laptop

Post your full system specs using the inxi command. You should know this step by now as this is your 14th help request.

If you are an Xfce user why do you have Dolphin installed?

Are you running multiple desktops?


[email protected]
x;XxXB%89b8:b8%b88: --------------
.8Xxd 8X:. OS: Garuda Linux x86_64
.8Xx; 8x:. Kernel: 5.11.11-144-tkg-bmq
.tt8x .d x88; Uptime: 32 mins
.@8x8; .db: [email protected];
,tSXX° [email protected]; Packages: 1796 (pacman)
,888S pd! Resolution: 1366x768
8X88/ q Terminal: xfce4-terminal
x%88 [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@XX@@X@[email protected] CPU: Intel i5-4200U (4) @ 2.6GHz
dxXd dB8b8b8B8B08bB88b998888b88x. Memory: 1871MiB / 7884MiB (23%)
dxx8o [email protected]@;.
dx88 [email protected]
d:[email protected]

Some people are thinking it is related to the gtk3 update - and others report that the presence of .ods files is a factor. I don't experiene the problem at all, but perhaps being all AMD makes a difference?

Anyway - using downgrade on the latest gtk update fixes it for now, or perhaps avoiding directories with .ods files? Better fixes are coming, no doubt.


no no can i not use dolphin for my personal

i want to install dolphin file manager because its looking good but i not use it for i use only thunar

how i downgrade

Search the Archwiki for this information.

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i not running multiple desktop its already there are so many kde application in my laptop its default when i setup to setup assistance then i pick some useful packges

You should also be able to roll back the update with a prior timeshift snapshot. This is what Garuda is specifically designed for, to make update breakages hassle free.

Of course learning to downgrade is also a skill you should learn if you intend to use an Arch based system.


sadliy i search i arch wiki but its not work for me

I just gave you an alternative method.

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ok please give

Read the Garuda Wiki for how to restore your system using timeshift snapshots.

This is your second separate help request today. Your prior request was easily solvable by searching the error message you received. You need to start becoming a little more self sufficient as you've been a member for almost 3 months now.


The fix may well be in the new update for gtk3 just arrived. Update again and test... :grin:


yes it fix thank you man

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