Thoughts and questions on Pipewire

So I've been an audio guy for a long time. I've been using audacity and ardour since the very beginning, and used Linux solely in all my university music from 2000-2004. I've been following the audio development on linux for the last 20 years from a distance, but have recently returned to the fold, and just finished mixing and mastering a large (30+ song) project in Reaper on linux, using native and win64 plugins through yabridge.

Being back in Linux is awesome.

But Pipewire is a bit of a mess, and it doesn't have the types of tools we need to be able to control connections.

For example, When I load up Reaper on Linux, I get every audio connection connecting to Reaper. My internal card, and my Behringer audio interface. But they are always connecting to Reaper in a different order. This slows down my productivity, as I always have to reconnect my proper outputs to the Reaper Main outs. In addition, there is really no way to disallow connections, everything is automatic, and wireplumber is a session manager that is ridiculously difficult to manage. I still haven't found an actual tutorial on how to use this.

I find it strange that almost wholesale, we have switched over to pipewire, when the interface of using it is almost nothing. I can't find proper tutorials on controlling connections, The website for both pipewire and wireplumber have no helpful information on how to control this software. Even pavucontrol doesn't help.

Anyone have any suggestions? Having audio auto connect to devices on their own, with no control drives me crazy.

Otherwise, I feel like maybe we should all slow this transition down a little bit, until the control methods are a little easier to manage.

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I'm not even yet at the point of using pipewire as it generates a coredump on every single resume from suspend on one of my machines. Disabling it stopped the coredump, will take me time to go around this one.

On my other Garuda machine I have it installed for a bit over 1 year and it wasn't forced to switch to pipewire for some reason. Maybe I'm lucky on this one, who knows, but that means I cannot reinstall Garuda if I needed it to. I do still have the ISO from 1 year ago so I could get around it. lol

So far I cannot say I like pipewire! But not for the same reasons as you...

I have not yet migrated to Pipewire, I see it as useful for musicians that are using Jack, but not for me who is just a sound consumer. Besides, if I'm not mistaken Pipewire is yet to reach version 1.0.


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