Thorium Browser - Garuda Icon

Yeah, thats pretty basic, even for me.
The .desktop file in usr/share/applications is the correct, new icon.

Removing the Thorium link in the launcher and then restarting Thorium shows the correct, new, icon momentarily and then reverts to the old, wrong one.
Similarly, adding a new Garuda Default Dock immediately shows the correct new icon but starting Thorium subsequently adds another instance of the icon of the old, wrong type. The new icon just sits there all on its own.

The new style icon, the one we want, is on the left and starts the Thorium Browser. However, when started the blue one on the right appears. Pinned or unpinned. The one on the left is lifeless, like me.

That’s pretty weird indeed. I remember trying Thorium once and did not have that issue.

Would be interesting if you could boot from an ISO, install Thorium in the ISO, add it to the Launchers and start it from there. See if it reproduces the same as your screenshot.

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I have no clue what you mean. I have never used or even seen Telegram.
But as usual @SGS, you spoiled what was a very interesting topic for me.
Close it, delete it, I really don’t care.
I really try hard to like Garuda but this forum is a most unpleasant place.

If you bloat the forum with posts, it doesn’t look nice.
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I just politely asked them to summarize their posts.
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