This isnt user friendly OS

i wish garuda worked, you know have to know how to format your dive before install in it <- SUPER unuser freindly, thats a MASSIVE problem.
you have to fix pacman after you installed it beucase all the keys are now out of date "sudo pacman-key --refresh-keys" <-- this command doesnt update keys untill you update the pacman(why does this command exist? should not update the keys once it updat it self? massive over sight blindness) witch had me suck in a loop for a while till i could find away to update pacman, becuase i couldnt even update the system withyout the pacman keys working,
"sudo pacman -Syyu" doesnt work
"sudo pacman -Syy" doesnt work
"sudo pacman -S archlinux-keyring " doesnt work
"sudo pacman-key --refresh-keys" doesnt work
i got it to work with a command that very hard to find but i forget it now "sudo pacman-key -chaodic-keys" or somthing like that then ran "sudo pacman-key --refresh-keys" and actualy worked i was able to update the system, also where are these things its installed, steam is installed but where is the menu to to access it?
THERE ISNT ONE! another massive over sight problem, the add/remove only works for updates, doesnt allow you to see programs you can install, doesnt seem to try and load anything.

i installed this becuase i thort it was like this "Garuda Linux Review - Arch Linux with Stunning Looks - YouTube"
but the menu in that video dont exist in my copy.

internet works fine, pacman cant update it sel becuase its key was missmacthed(no shit that why trying to update you??) i got it to work, i was able to update(READ ABOVE!), using the dragninized gamer version was able to install wiget and theme to get menus back.

linux isnt user freindly, its devloper freinly, coder friendly, def not user frieldly.
i was hoping for an OS that just works, like windows and mac, but this one doesnt seem to work well.

You have your opinion I have another.
This OS is user friendly, maybe it's not beginner friendly but nobody says it is.

This OS makes using an Arch based system easier for many. But that does not mean it is suitable for everyone.

If you are not interested in learning this system, I recommend you switch to a system that saves you from thinking about what and how a computer works.

Use the service of an OS you have bought.

We do all this here, for free, for the fun of tinkering and not to provide you with a mouth-watering OS.

Nobody is forcing you to use this OS and you don't look a gift horse in the mouth, do you?

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It seems like most of your command line errors are due to incorrect use case rather than actual Garuda problems. I am a first time Arch user and find it extremely user friendly.
It would be wise to specify which DE/edition you are using so that someone kind enough may tell you which menu you're missing. Many interfaces have gone through recent changes (Gnome, KDE, Xfce) so it can be reflected in the distro.
Chaotic-AUR is the distro's own repo and provides essential parts of the OS.
pacman -Ss steam to verify what's installed. There are easy ways to add menu items either through GUI or config files. Again, DE specific.


I'm new to arch and I find Garuda very user friendly--even noob friendly. I've experimented with xfce, MATE, and Cinnamon desktops and found all of them easy to install and trouble-free to maintain. I went through a brief phase where I was having trouble burning a usable Garuda image to a USB stick, but even that problem went away by switching to a different USB burner. I think anyone who can successfully install Mint or Ubuntu can install Garuda and keep it running without much drama. Really the only new skill I had to master was pacman, but now I prefer it to apt. Garuda seems very polished & complete to me--definitely ready for prime-time. Different strokes for different folks I guess.


Sounds like you're having a tough time updating. Let's see if we can help you. What de are you using?

Are you getting errors? Conflicting packages? Nothing at all? Are you connected to the internet?

Please post up your inxi and the output of pacman -Syyu


The post above seems to be your only other post on the forum. Perhaps if you'd asked for assistance with the issues you listed on this thread you would have had an easier time resolving your issues.

Not everyone is cut out for an Arch based distro. You obviously seem to be one of those individuals.

Thanks for your feedback.

Enjoy your next distro.

As you're moving on, I guess we can close out this thread.



What are you talking about? Both of these share settings so it should be present in both editions. If you give me a the exact time this feature is shown I might be able to explain?

Thanks for that feedback, although you couldve chosen nicer words and less enraged formulations overall. You seem to believe that this is all done on purpose to annoy people, which is not true.