This distro just works!

I've been trying several linux distro's over the past few years, going from little unknown gems like hefthor linux across mint, ubuntu and pop! os I've landed on Garuda recently. Tried a couple of DE's on this distro.
Whatever the DE is, Garuda just works. Not trying to jynx it but I haven't had any noteworthy issues or even just things that weren't exactly how I liked them that I couldn't get set up in a couple of minutes (at the most).

Just wanted to add this here, kudos to all those involved in this amazing distro! Keep up the good work as the sky is the limit for this soaring eagle!


Thanks for the nice words and



Hey Ken, I hope you have many more years of problem free Garuda usage.

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Famous words by Todd Howard, luckily, the team here cares!


I have to agree(ish) heh. Recently there has been a lot of upheaval. More and more is flat out broken as projects seem half arsedly transitioning between X > Wayland and Alsa/Pulse > Pipewire...I jumped ship from Xubuntu after 10+ years (BeOS/BSD before that) and found Garuda was the one disto that actually worked in a few key areas. I took the plunge and while there was some issues and learning curve it's flat out the ONLY distro I've tried with a workable XFCE build. I say workable because some key elements are broken but something in the Garuda build has allowed me to hack in a temporary fix. Nuke pipewire and bob's your uncle no one will leave you alone with.

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I'd love to agree, but it didn't mod my Cities Skylines mods that don't like Linux to work on Linux.
Sure, it's impossible standard, but that's what it'd take to qualify as "just works" for me. :crazy_face:

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Hence my "ish" heh. Honestly though I find the same issues are present on Windows too. Not with City Skylines just with "stuff." There is always something borked you have to work around or fight with. For a cheeky example installing this 100% of my hardware "just works"...installing Windows god the fight!

My only real issues with Garuda isn't with Garuda and more with how most DE are now terribly broken for Multi-GPU/Multi-XScreen setups.

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I still play SimCity 4 Deluxe all these years. Working great via Wine.