There should be .zip / .tar.gz files for us to download

hello, there should be a zip / tar.xz files for us to download as not everyone has the best wifi and i struggle getting some of the iso's especially the dragonized ones and it would be nice to have a smaller and faster download time

I don't believe ISOs tend to be very compressible, so that's one reason why you don't see it (anywhere). The contents are already compressed. Non-sequitar question (imo)


Individual packages are always available to download directly from the repository mirrors.

There is no other option for installation images. They are what they are.


yeah ive tried everything including torrents which stall alot because i dont have an Ethernet cable to my laptop

wait what?

i can download the iso from my terminal then or am i just being dumb and not understanding

Installer images are available on both Sourceforge and OSDN for direct download. Look again at the download page.

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i did and both are almost the same speed

We can't fix your download speed. Talk to your network administrator.


@jonathon yes im aware you cant and i never implied you could i was just saying that both are the same speed thanks