There should be a general questions catagory

there should be a general questions category for people who want to know the answer to a question that isnt support related like "what DE should i use" or software recommendations or what is your opinion on this WM vs that WM

Like #community ?


Surely helping others in any way is form of support?


I sometimes wonder if there should be a 'trivial' section of the forum. Issues that are minor, don't effect your day to day use of Garuda, but you would like a solution for. All you guys that spend so much time fixing major problems could ignore it, except when you were bored or had the time.

Ubuntu had a '100 paper cuts' drive about ten years ago. It was all about improving the user experience, minor irritations and the like.


Generally speaking, trivialities are fine on a forum that is as quiet as a graveyard at midnight. Where this becomes a problem is when a forum gets to be very busy (as Garuda's is starting to be).

I can't speak for all forum staff, but generally most don't browse the forum by categories. The usual method employed is to simply view the posts via the "New" or "Unread" listing of recent posts.

When you start to get near a hundred posts a day (as when a Linux forum becomes very popular) this becomes problematic. The reason being, that important technical help requests that require expert assistance end up being buried under an avalanche of trivialities.

The philosophy of Garuda is that the user is supposed to research minor issue for themselves. If the issue is only a minor annoyance this is exactly the type of problem that new users should hone their search skills on. Once a user has gotten good at solving their own minor issues, then major ones don't seem so daunting.

In short, we prefer users to only rely on the forum for assistance with difficult technical issues that that require expert advice. We feel trivial issues, or general Linux questions cannot be our focus in our current busy state here on the forum. We try to somewhat actively discourage users from posting issues of a trivial or general nature, our philosophy is that is what internet search engines are for: