There is a blue dot on top of applications

what's that blue dot?


what does that mean?

Please share screenshot. We can't say which dot you are referring to.


It means you won the door prize for least descriptive help request of-the-day.

It means that you have given us no information at all, not even a screen shot. So how do we know what you mean or how to help you?



Do you mean "Hot Corner" feature of KDE Plasma?

If in KDE and you're taking about open apps on the panel then it means multiple instances open. Now that said letting us know you were referring to icons on the panel would of been a huge help.

Or as sublumial suggested that you might be referring to the blue dot in the upper left hand corner.

Information really helps. Thanks

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I suspect there may be some language barriers here, so it's probably time to move this and the OP can try again with more information if they want to.