The requested URL returned error: 403

I just update Garuda with sudo pacman -Syu and it downloaded the updates wich was around 600 MB, then I rebooted my pc then did sudo pacman -Syu again and I am getting this:

should I ignore these errors as it says there is nothing to do at the end ?

Resort your mirrors using reflector-simple in garuda-assistant or some other method.

Can you please tell me how to do that?

Open garuda assistant and click this button:

When I clicked that, it opened reflector then I clicked continue and I am getting this:


Is your network working?

Yess I am on my WiFi and its working perfectly

Maybe you could try with the update command from terminal

man reflector
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I did update in terminal and looks like its stuck :

heyy I did sudo pacman -Syu again and I'm not getting that error anymore, I think it got fixed by its own .


BTW, you know how to post terminal output as text.
Why do you need to upload them as images?
It was completely unnecessary in the last post.
We would have believed you without it.


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