The garuda logo not showing up while booting in virtualbox

I installed garuda linux(dragonized) in a virtual machine but the loading screen won't show up just a black screen appears and then desktop screen appears.
how to make the garuda logo appear in while booting, so that i can be sure it is booting.

If you read the description on the downloads page you would know Garuda does not support running Garuda in a VM.


Actualy i saw on a Youtube channel "distro tube" he also installed garuda on a vm and logo showed on his vm.
And actually I am a newbie to linux. please tell me if i would install garuda in my host machine with intel i3(intel hd graphics 512). the logo will appear properly ?

We do not support installing Garuda in a VM. If you'd searched the forum you might have see this posted countless times in the past.

Apparently you don't want to accept the answer of a forum moderator, so the only solution appears to be to close your thread.

Try installing Garuda to bare metal, and hopefully that will work for you.

Do not follow random videos from YouTube and expect perfect results.