Thanks for your great work

I come from Austria and have been working with Linux for 3 years. I've tested as newcomer much distros. I started with Garuda 1 month ago and I think this is the best distro I have ever seen.

Thank you for your great work. Can I make a donation for your great work?


Thank you for the appreciative words.

The distro does not solicit donations. You can make a donation to the great upstream projects that we use or that support Garuda such as Fosshost.

Welcome to Garuda.


We are not accepting donations right now, but if you want to donate, you should donate to projects like Fosshost and Arch Linux, Gnome, KDE, Xfce etc. projects.

And welcome to community.


Not GNOME :wink: :rofl: , Ok, bad joke, sorry.



Sad gnome user noises :sob:

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Thank you

I donated € 25 today via PayPal.

Best Greatings from Austria


Yeah, this has been a fantastic distro so far. It's like Manjaro for power users, if that makes any sense - everything's set up for you in a pretty package and it uses some of the same tools that Manjaro's well-known for, but with native Arch packages, preconfigured custom kernels, and lots of tweaks that a lot of people will end up trying to make on Manjaro after a bit of experience.

It's basically most of my setup from Manjaro but just laid out much neater, it's very clear that a bunch of people use these settings themselves and spent a lot of effort to lay these out in a distro so everyone could use these nice settings. It's more than just the extremely fun and gaudy aesthetics, but the fact that there's a little checkbox you can click to modify your hostfile to block ads at that level. Or the fancy scheduler that's just set up immediately. Or the BTRFS and Timeshift setup so that unlike Manjaro it's actually not a huge pain in the ass to ■■■■■■ things when the Nvidia drivers shit the bed as per usual.

And I can watch in these forums as people make suggestions that get implemented that are just nice things to have preconfigured. Like what other distro actually bothers pre-installing the plasma integration into not only Firefox, but a fork of Firefox that's actually up-to-date and has all the privacy tweaks you'd normally have to go throug by hand?

Oh, and speaking of by hand, after installation there's a tool that just walks you through all the kinds of applications you'll probably want, with good recommendations up top. Like, usually when I'd install a distro it'd take me a few tries to remember everything I'll need, but that rundown was actually pretty comprehensive and I found some new programs that I like a lot.

Garuda's absolutely not a distro I'd recommend for someone's first distro, like it's still Arch and at the moment the nvidia-dkms drivers are gonna shit themselves if you're using the zen kernel Garuda uses by default and you probably need to know enough to understand that's what's happening. But for "power users" of more beginner-friendly distros like Ubuntu or Manjaro it's really a fantastic fit for that niche, we want the package selection of the AUR (and Chaotic-AUR since it's nice to not have to compile everything yourself and have tkg kernels for your specific CPU architecture ready to go) and we want the gAMinG performance but we don't necessarily want to have to configure everything ourselves where there's that potential to ■■■■ something up.

I'm definitely excited to see this distro mature and to see its willingness to really put out good customizations adopted by other distros. Like, at the very least every KDE distro should be preconfiguring the KDE integration for Firefox, right?


Kudos to the devs (again)!

Welcome to Garuda! Enjoy your time here!


Welcome, @Helmic :wave: and very well put!


Thanks for your feedback.