Thank you for this feature and overall how Hyprland is configured!

Thank you for this feature and overall how Hyprland is configured!

I had been using straight Arch, then laster used Manjaro KDE with Hyprland installed after. So I could switch between them in case something went amiss with hyprland.

On a whim I tried Garuda Hyprland on a spare laptop. AMAZING! I am going to reload my working system with it next. The cheat sheet using YAD is fantastic.

I have one suggestion. The hyprland.conf is a large file. Others folks have broken it down into smaller config files. I.e. monitors.conf, keybindings.conf, environment.conf, etc… Usually under .config/hypr/conf sub dir. Then a subdir for scripts hypr/scripts I then have aliases to quickly edit the specific file I need. Which is most often keybindings.



Welcome :slight_smile:

Nice that you like it. :slight_smile:

Personally, I prefer it in a single config file. :wink:


It’s a little too extreme response / attitude, don’t you think for some folks brag about friendly and great community!

The meaning of this sentence is not clear. You can write in another language if it would be helpful for getting your meaning across, and others can use a translation tool.

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It is precisely the personal preferences of the developers that make Garuda Linux so unique, functional and beautiful.


I don’t. Linux is not a commercial (for profit) endeavor. It’s free, and any Linux application on your computer–unless you coded it yourself–is there only because somebody with the skills to do so thought, “hey, I think I want an application to do xxxx so I’ll write one.” Then that person shared it with the Linux Community 'cause that’s just how Linux works. You’re also free to modify and share someone else’s open source application, because that’s also how Linux works.

But why in heaven’s name are you accusing the local developer/maintainer of having a bad attitude (he doesn’t, he’s just German and in my experience they are very pragmatic people) in someone else’s thread?


Well, anyone who thinks the Germans are pragmatists doesn’t know the Dutch​:grin:

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From the few Dutch I’ve worked with, I view them as much more soft spoken that their German counterparts.

I worked in a new, German-owned bus (autobus) manufacturing facility, Neoplan, located in Lamar, Colorado back in the early 1980s. They’re (were?) headquartered in Stuttgart. I ran Maintenance. Besides Germans, I was lucky enough to work beside Dutch, Belgian, Swiss, Italians, Spaniards, and Mexicans. It was damned near a mini-UN. :slight_smile:

That experience shaped a lot of the world views I have to this day. It changed me. The Garuda Forums are very similar, and why I feel very comfortable and at-home here.