Thank You Devs

I was the consummate distro hopper until I met Garuda Linux. For over a year no I have not strayed. You guys are doing Bob's work. Thank you and bless you.




Yes, I agree. I Distro hopped a lot but I love Garuda. I've been on it for about a year now. It's a shame about Latte Dock but we will have to see how the future pans out. Never say never

I still mainly use Linux Mint for newbie friends but recently I've got a couple of newbie friends on Garuda Cinnamon, they love it too.
So maybe I'll try and upgrade all the rest to Garuda Cinnamon to continue their familiarity. In the end I'll have about 20 friends on it. No one ever comes back for support, it just works for us.


  • Garuda has the best KDE Plasma implementation to date!

  • Fastest OS on my hardware.

  • I can instantly see that hard work has been put into it and the update system works as is. It isnt just a distro with KDE slapped on top of it. I am hoping for stability for years to come.

  • I'd be interested to contribute to one of these distros development/testing if needed. I am currently learning IT and I am huge fan of the Linux ecosystem.


Outta curiosity, what makes you say it’s the best KDE implementation?


Same story here, too; Garuda has been my primary OS for more than one year. I have Garuda installed on our family's new laptop (I use it mainly).
I have Linux Mint on our old one(which, too, is mainly used by me :sweat_smile:), because I don't want to update regularly :sweat_smile:.
My father uses an old MacBook air 2015 with macOS Yosemite, which has never been updated since bought, 7-8 years back.


I'd say that they have nailed it in KDE Dragonized edition, having macOS like title bars + implementing the latte dock. I am not necessarily a macOS fan, but I love this implementation.

I always had to reconfigure the Stock KDE Plasma Panels to fit my needs (Tested on 4 Distros with Plasma). Now it just works as the latte dock does everything I need.

Second best for me personally was Manjaro KDE edition. I happened to have update problems on the distro so I decided to try Garuda.

What I like about Garuda is I can just install it and copy my .config files and everything is set up basically.


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