Terminal Confusion

Hello all, I'm a relatively new .nix user, and cut my teeth on ubuntu... so this is just a small question to relieve my confusions...

The terminal is not "bash", still trying to figure out the difference there, but the more pressing issue on my nugget is on update/upgrade...

I would regularly run "sudo apt-get update" or upgrade to keep software up to date. However, when I attempted to do this in the garuda terminal, i get a whole lot of nope. Does this terminal use different command types or is the update/upgrade procedure handled in a different manner?

As a bonus, if anyone can direct me to 5th grade level documentation on the specific type of terminal garuda uses it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

The shell is not bash, its zsh?


Awesome! thank you for the link, That's explaining things much better than the other links ive looked at.

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m new in Linux kindly guide me on how can I remove this info every time I open the terminal this info popup

New problem new thread, please.
Search for paleofetch in forum, minimum one solution :wink:

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