Taskbar problem with dash to panel

hello everyone...im using gnome 40.1 and trying to setup that dash to panel extension....extensions from gnome.org dont work so i used a community made 1 i found online...(same thing just with support for gnome 40.x).When i restarted gnome to apply new changed i see the default garuda taskbar or dock or however yuo want to call it,overlap dash to panel..i searched extensions and some garuda settings but i dont think i found smth useful for me to disable the default taskbar...Is there anyway i can diable it?
Thanks a lot for your time and have a good day :slight_smile: .

Dash to panel settings can be configured to avoid that.

If you're using a third-party piece of software then the developers of that software will be best placed to provide support.


You should realize the answer would differ depending the actual (correct) name :wink:
There are several extensions that can do what you want, but you have to describe what that is in a way it's understood.
I suggest BaBar Task bar.

I is one uses the me name/path with the installed one, it could be a conflict.
Check your extensions in GUI and there should be an answer.
For example, in cli mode, check

gsettings list-schemas --print-paths | grep -i "panel"
# or 
gsettings list-schemas --print-paths | grep -i "extension"

might give you a lead.