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Initially caused by the Pacman 6 update & the resulting broken Pacman, all dependencies on it have been removed from our applications. While Pamac offers a convenient way to install and remove packages we don't want to rely on it for our applications anymore. Instead, Alacritty will be used to execute the installation.

What does that mean for installing Pmacn and it's systray companion to see what updates are available and then actually updating via Konsole?

I assume you mean pamac here. The official package manager for Arch linux is pacman. Learn it live it love it. If using the terminal to keep your Arch linux install maintained is off putting to you don't use Arch. There is no longer a tray indicator for pamac. Only for KDE. There is no point to using a tray app for updates. They are there everyday. I start my day by opening a terminal and then issuing checkupdates.


It means that we don't ship pamac default anymore. You can easily install it(or other AUR Manager) from using terminal or Garuda Assistant.


Thank you @Naman for not taking my post out of context and actually answering my question. It is truly appreciated.


As explained to me yesterday by @dalto or @dr460nf1r3, PAMAC is apart of the latest dr460nized KDE editions. "They" (whoever "they" are) thought it needed to be there, though at least one spin prior to this release a user could choose whichever helper they wanted, be it Octopi or Pamac (I dunno about Discover, etc.) and Add/Remove Software" would use it. Pamac is now baked into the Welcome App on at least the dr46onized KDE. I dunno about the other DEs.

It's a fact. It is there. Install that edition and see for yourself.

That's one of the reasons I returned to Arch on my desktop (main) machine.



O yes you will Its a 3rd party app nothing to do with pacman or Arch

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Were you not here when the major alpm/pacman upgrade happened recently and broke pamac for a while? All that consternation on this forum.

Not saying pamac won't be fixed eventually in AUR, but users will likely have to go through a period of not being to use pamac every time there is a major change in alpm (the backend which pamac also uses).


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