System maintenance

Are you trying to use the “gaming” edition of garuda? It’s ISO has some issues that prevent some users from installing it for some reason. Try using the “normal” dr460nized version or whatever else version of garuda you are using. You can install everything gaming edition has using the package garuda gamer.

Aside from this try using ventoy to make bootable USB and follow the pre-install instructions given on the downloads page :

  • Disable fastboot and secure boot. It may not be possible to disable the latter explicitly - try clearing the secure boot keys instead. Check the manual of your device/motherboard for further info.
  • Make sure that your device’s SATA controller is set to AHCI mode in your device’s setup utility. Otherwise, the Linux kernel may not be able to detect your drive.
  • If your firmware supports UEFI then configure your device to use UEFI only in its setup utility. UEFI is much preferred over BIOS whenever possible.

If none of these help you can try these garuda ISO’s with LTS kernel as well it is qutie possible the latest zen kernel are not compatible with your hardware.