System is borked after resizing btrfs partition

I also thought of that but the thing is I did btrfs check--repair as the first as said by the dev..
I later got to the thought of all the above btrfs rescue zero-log etc

Indeed I was able to chroot right after resizing but the thought of UUID didn't strike me..

Well, then, strike up the band and tell us--do UUIDs match?

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i [quote="c00ter, post:23, topic:19037, full:true"]

Well, then, strike up the band and tell us--do UUIDs match?

I chrooted and my UUID in the fstab and gnome disk utility(live usb) are same..

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Actually on gnome disk utility the size of the partition is 92 gigs and on other places its 85 gigs, I used kde partition manager and system worked for a bit then as said above after 3-4 boots in 5 hours system borked.
Edit: Kde used GiB and gnome uses GB, i didnt use gnome at all, I used Kde partition manager only.

@SGS @jonathon @c00ter @Grimy1928 @BluishHumility When I chrooted I went into my home dir and there were some of my files (very less but each folder had some), can I run
btrfs rescue chunk-recover ?

Did you disable quick startup in the Windows power management menu?

Power & Sleep -> Additional Power Settings -> Choose what the power buttons do -> Change settings that are currently unavailable -> uncheck "Turn on fast startup"

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yes i've done that.

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I'm sorry all, just a popping question..

Can the data be recovered by any data rescue tool?

Rhetorical: Can you use a search engine?

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I searched most of them uses raid which I don't have..
I've got only 2 btrfsque and btrfs rescue chunk-recover


Also, resizing any file system (even on Windows) is inherently dangerous. Backing up your system before any resize operation is always best practice.


Unfortunately I didn't... It was a mess. Didn't have an external storage and just bought one after the incident
And i just didn't back it up into my existing internal storage from live usb before btrfs check--repair