System freezing after inacitivty

My system Garuda Gnome was working fine for months. All of a sudden after updates started freezing keyboard and mouse after a while of inactivity. CRt-Alt Del does not do anything. Reset button restarts the system. What could be the problem. Turned off suspend in Gnome settings and no help. Any suggestions?
System Intel 4930K asus x79 deluxe motherboard.

What did you update?

(Also, "after updates" isn't really all that sudden - you did a thing and then the problem started. :wink:)

See also this existing thread:


I did general update and did not give much though as I installed new software unrelated to the system and it updated the system at the same time.

Look in /var/log/pacman.log and find out exactly what changed.


Booted with kernel 5.10 lts and problem has gone away. System wakes up after not doing anything for a while. Must be something with the new kernel. Hopefully next update will fix it, if not will just use lts kernel.


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