Switching to NVIDIA gpu

So I installed the Garuda KDE Dr460nized on my laptop but I want to play some games and I don't really know how to switch to my NVIDIA gpu. In pop os I could just set NVIDIA graphics under the batery options and reboot. How do I do this in Garuda?

You run on Intel GPU by default, if you want to run programs, apps with NVIDIA you need use prime-run command.
prime-run darktable
prime-run gimp
If you want to run games in Steam, use launch options and write this:
prime-run %command%


Yeah this works but is there a way to do it globaly? Or is something that I don't want to do?

Maybe use alias.

alias dark='prime-run darktable'
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You can also create desktop shortcut files to start the program and place the launchers wherever you want.


Doesn't work for me.
But I think the prime-run is good enough for me. thx


You can install optimus-manager-git and optimus-manager-qt-git from chaotic repo and set the gpu method to hybrid. That works for me